Blizzard Bucket List

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Why not?

I noticed that every single time I go outside I have to do the following:

  • Make a snow angel, first and foremost.
  • Pack some snowballs. Start a fight.
  • Grab a shovel and clear the sidewalk.
  • Dig cars out.
  • Make another snow angel.

Every single time I’m inside I have to do the following:

  • Nesting, I love to bake or cook something and take care of my family. This is usually when I start conversations with God.
  • Catch up on some movie watching.
  • Play. Something, anything…but this blizzard it is looking like Ping Pong is our choice.

What else is on my bucket list for the day?

  • Reading. I’ve got a great book going.
  • Writing. I’ve got several things on my mind. Like this one…
  • More play…
  • More outdoor fun!
  • I got a new custom coloring book and pencils that I want to try out.

**Editorial note: below added after original post was published. 

Custom coloring book is on point! Who knew that it would be so much fun again! I’ll have to post a photo or two in another post because I had a serious OMG when I opened that book!

I do have a couple more photos though:

My snow angels! They were also on point. The right is twin angels. These were done after midnight on Saturday after the blizzard winds died down.


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