Energize Your Workout: Tips from Lynn Stoltz, Powerlifter

Feeling the February blahs? Need a jolt of energy? Or maybe you just need a bit of um…inspiration when it comes to getting in that workout.

No worries, it happens and G3’s got you covered.

We took this question to the one and only, Lynn Stoltz from Kansas City, Missouri. Lynn, 24, is a competitive powerlifter and has been pumping iron for three years now. She is one of the astounding athletes being featured in G3.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that when the majority of people think of a sport like this, they think of men with large muscles. Not at all. But don’t most women women shy away from weights? Well, that’s a trend that needs to change! Here is a great article, supplied by Lynn on the benefits of weightlifting.

What exactly is powerlifting? It’s simple really. Powerlifting is the combination of three lifts: back squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Check out Lynn here doing a deadlift or here doing a squat at a recent meet. Talk about superwoman!

Here’s how it works in a meet. You get three chances at each lift for a total of nine lifts. The highest weight for each lift is added to the other two giving you a grand total. The person in your weight class with the highest total wins.

Lynn loves all her sport has to offer. “Everyone is so supportive and most don’t care if they win, they just want to beat themselves and lift weights they’ve never been able to before.”

Here are some personal pointers from her on getting the most from your workout:

  • Have a plan. Lynn knows what she is going to do before she even gets to the gym. How do you plan? Think of your end game-what are your goals? Do you play soccer? Try some foot drills. Basketball? Do some sprints to increase your cardio capacity. Volleyball? Jump training is in order.
  • Set measurable goals. And write them down. Strength training is a great measurable, you see the results! Looking to increase cardio output or the height you can jump? Test yourself in the beginning and then after a few weeks, retest to see how far you’ve come. Progress is a delicious feeling.
  • Recognize and appreciate that progress. Appreciate the muscles you are building and the endurance you’ve gained. Track it and you’ll see how far you’ve come!
  • Make your workout a part of your everyday routine. Decide in advance how many days you will go and when. The more you do what you say, the more confidence you will gain.
  • Do what’s fun for you. Ignore the treadmills if you hate them. Weight machines intimidate you? Stay away. Just find something that you enjoy. Swimming float your boat? Grab your bathing suit. Maybe you have to switch things up every once in a while too. Depending on your goals, do your research and go from there.
  • Use this time to connect with others. Working out doesn’t have to be lonely or singularly focused. In fact, in Lynn’s world it’s quite the opposite.

“I have a whole team of powerlifters that I get to train with and it increases my motivation and confidence in what I can do when they are there supporting me.”

That said, you don’t need a whole team. One or two friends to commit will do the trick!

And finally, Lynn saved the best for last…

  • Use this time to connect with God! Time in the gym can also be a great time to connect with God. Use that time to talk to Him. Allow Him to inspire you to push yourself and improve every day. But always know that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by Him and becoming a healthier you is great, but it doesn’t change how He feels about you. You always have been and always will be His beautiful, cherished, and strong daughter.


Now get out there and play.

Be sure to check with your Doctor before starting any and all exercise plans. 


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