Hello G3’s You Tube Channel

I am about to get this party started. G3 is gearing up for some serious action.

In other words, this book is no longer going to be just a dream and a vision, it’s about to get real. Very real.

On March 11 I am heading to Kansas City to do my first interview with one of G3’s featured athletes. Remember, this will be the first of twelve exclusives because this will be completely new and original material.

I am beyond ecstatic!

So to honor this momentous occasion, I just started G3’s You Tube channel. Here I will be doing lots of fun and informative videos with athletes and fans that will complement this book and our mission.

Of course, this is just a practice video but who better to use than my precious granddaughter, Ellie. So check this out here, it’s a 52-second spot showing her in a peaceful slumber snoring pretty loud.

How cute is she?

Editorial note: Ellie’s Corner is a category on G3 where I claim for my adorable granddaughter, Ellie. It may or may not include sports! And it definitely won’t be objective. 

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