Three Things Thursday: KC Edition

Editorial note: Three Things Thursday for the Road Adventures category is just what it sounds like. When I travel to a new place, I’m going to jot down three musings and share. Simple as that. 

  1. Mid-Westerners are dope! Seriously, they are the kindest people I’ve ever met. So generous with their time and help and smiles. From the car-rental person at Budget who checked the car for scratches for me because I forgot (and noted one), to the front desk clerk at the Hampton Inn who allowed me to check in five and a half hours early, Joe and Mikki respectively. Then there was the woman who was working at the Jesse James Bank Museum in Liberty who took plenty of time to tell me what’s what, I so appreciated that. My waitress at the cafe. The servers at the restaurant, and even the hotel clerk who kept unlocking my key for me because I had sweat all over the magnet strip after going to the gym. All these sweet-natured folks made me feel right at home.
  2. Hello Abs!- when I began interviewing Lynn Stoltz  at the Impact Elite Gym and MMA she mentioned tightening her abs and while this sounded completely familiar I asked her to explain in further detail.  Let me tell you something, I have been doing it ever since and I can feel a difference. For non-core fans like me (which is an absolute ridiculous thing to speak since we all engage our core, like it or not) it is not a passive thing to do. Much more “aggressive” than I’d have thought. Reminds me a little of doing a standing crunch, nothing subtle to it. Come to find out, I’ve been doing it all wrong all these years.DSC_0099
  3. KC, Missouri is perfect for foodies! I ate like a champ. Here is the breakdown:

Friday lunch I had an incredible steak sandwich with KC beef smothered in gravy at the Morning Day Cafe (not usually a beef eater but had to have the beef while I was here). Couldn’t eat the roll and came with a small salad. Beef melted in my mouth. This eclectic, artsy cafe (pictured below) had an old tub in it filled with fish and original artwork for sale on the walls. Loved it.


Friday dinner I tried some kind of beef ends at Q39 (below). Wow! I would never have thought to try this one but Lynn suggested it. They were crazy good. Then I indulged in the best pulled pork I have ever eaten. The absolute best. Corn bread and beans were also notable!



Saturday lunch I had a spinach southwest chicken salad which was off the charts. And guess what? This girl usually only eats her spinach juiced. It was truly delish and filling. So much so that I skipped dinner altogether since I was still pretty full.

Here is a real quick video I did while away. My first video on the road so please bear with me.

I just want you to know that I thank God every day for being able to live my dream come true. And I truly thank you for joining me on this ride.





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