Three Things Thursday: Katie and Lake Placid

Editorial note: Three Things Thursday for the Road Adventures category is just what it sounds like. When I travel to a new place for G3, I’m going to jot down three musings and share. Simple as that.

  • Lake Placid OTC took my breath away! I cannot deny being a bit star-struck and mesmerized when I first walked in to the Olympic Training Center (OTC). It was impressive. Unfortunately, I was not able to take personal photos to share because they are strict about that. And I get it. Nevertheless, being there made me proud. Proud of my American heritage and humbled just to be there.
  • Beach or mountains? You know that question you ask a buddy on a road trip, if you won the lottery, where would you buy your dream house- the beach or the mountains? Mountains all the way for me. While I do enjoy the beach, there is just something so magical about being in the mountains. In awe of Mother Earth and her exquisite nature. So many walking trails and hiking and streams. Peace and serenity are always on tap.




Ran into a father and young son here fly fishing. My husband Neil loves to fly fish, and to be honest, I love it too (watching, that is). But here’s how that works with me and Neil on vacay: he does his thing and I get bored watching pretty fast and have to go explore. So I run around with my dog and water walk and hike, or I sit and read and write, whatever strikes my fancy. Life is good in the mountains with a stream.


Here is a quick video I did while in the small town of Lake Placid. Still getting used to this aspect of the journey, so I thank you for coming along.

  • Wow, Katie! Just wow.  



Katie Uhlaender was the first athlete to agree to be in G3. Her response was immediate and completely pumped me up: Let’s do it!  Incidentally, Katie is the daughter of MLB legend, Ted Uhlaender.

This Olympic Skeleton racer has so much to be proud of. And I’m not just talking about her resume on the track which includes a couple world championships and a few Olympic games, among others.

I’m talking about her relationship with God! When I connected with Katie, she told me she has always felt a deep connection with God. In fact, she remembers praying to him when she was just 18-months old.

The only reason I know it was then was because my brother came home around that time and I’m 18 months older than him.

I love it.

She continued later on in our conversation:

My relationship with God takes work… I have achieved certain things with God and sometimes I fall backwards and I make bad choices again. I’m like, UGH! I can feel guilty about it or I’m going to find a way to deal with that. The ups and downs of staying close to God,  you know, making those choices not because I have to but because I want to. I want to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Katie went on to say that she has never not had the feeling of wanting a relationship with God but then she recognizes that there are some people who don’t have it at all. This just reminds her to have tolerance for all people.

Imagine if our world strived for this kind of tolerance?

Wow, Katie. Just wow.

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