Fearless Faith: Hannah Leubecker


Hannah Leubecker has been playing soccer and lacrosse since she was four or five years old. Her real passion came into focus only recently: lacrosse.

What is it about lacrosse? “I’ve always been a competitor. I am super competitive and I just love competing and playing and running, the combination of all of it, I think,” she said after a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) practice recently.

This Fallston freshman has been home-schooled her entire life and recently had a big decision to make (well, aside from following Christ). Where will she go to college? She always knew she wanted to attend and started doing some college visits to Maryland and Virginia among others last year.

At one point she tells this story: “So I went on this guided tour [at Maryland] with a student and before we went, she said let’s everybody go around and tell us what grade you’re in. So we’re going around the room and there are seniors, and there are juniors and then there’s me! I’m a freshman and everyone is like what? Yea, so it’s crazy,” she said laughing.

After a whole lot of prayer and a lot of talking with her parents and coaches she decided on Maryland. Although she is not 100% sure what she wants to do with her future, she is leaning toward sports medicine and feels Maryland is the perfect fit. Not to mention that they are a perennial powerhouse in lacrosse, and currently ranked number one.

Hannah plays lacrosse and soccer for the FCA and also for a club lacrosse team called the Skywalkers. Incidentally, two of Hannah’s teammates on the Skywalkers have also made a verbal commitment to Maryland.

Coach Tim Hines has been coaching lacrosse for fourteen years and has been working with Hannah for two years now. He said she “is gifted athletically, to the point where here she is a freshman and already committed to Maryland and they only take the cream of the crop. She’s a great kid and a gifted athlete. She comes from a solid family which thankfully a lot of our kids do [in the FCA].”

Hannah recently led a devotional for her FCA team, which she readily admits, she was really nervous because it was her first time. How’d she do? “I really liked the girls, and it was a small group so I felt like I could open up and share because I’ve never been comfortable with public speaking. But everyone really contributes.”

Hannah loves combining her passion for lacrosse with her passion for God and  the FCA offers her an excellent opportunity. “Sometimes when you are out in the world you can feel really discouraged when it comes to talking about your faith, but with FCA it’s different,” she continued.

“We need to make sure we know what is important in life because obviously it can be very hard, there’s a lot of pressure on you and maybe sharing your faith isn’t very popular. But in the light of eternity, sports don’t matter. That popular girl who’s putting you down doesn’t matter. You have got to make sure you know what’s important.”

Looks like this 15-year old midfielder is fearless in her faith and game. What an inspiration for our girls! And for all of us really.



Action photos courtesy Mark Schaller

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