Mom and Dad’s Bible

I have at least four Bibles in my house right now. Probably even more in storage that I have forgotten about.

But I needed this specific Bible.


This was the Bible I used growing up.

It’s big, with detailed pictures and it’s old. Really old. I’m certain this book has seen a lot of action. It reminds me of my youth where I went to St. Teresa’s, a Roman Catholic grade school from kindergarten through eighth grade. So did my brothers and sisters, although I think a couple may have went to public school sooner, I am not sure.

Since both of my parents are gone now, my sister Mary- our family’s keeper, if you will-  has had this Bible and was repping it quite well. Open on a table, always ready for some loving. So when I learned my Christian writing career was actually going somewhere, I asked her if I could borrow this Holy Bible for sentimental reasons.

I wasn’t exactly sure why I wanted it. I just knew I did. Like, I had to have it! Really, really had to have it with me as I began this next chapter in my life.

 So I asked Mary to send it. If you know my sister, Mary, you know that in any given moment of her life, she is juggling at least twenty-two things while organizing someone’s life- usually her children’s- and planning at least one party (or three). It’s who she is.

Needless to say, I didn’t get the book right away. I had to remind her a couple of times over the course of a couple of months. No big deal.

But when I finally did get it, I opened it and within a hot second I discovered why I so desperately needed it. Here you go:


My Mom and Dad… This was theirs. Even though a piece of them is always with me, residing in my heart, seeing Mom’s handwriting from so long ago brought a tear to my eye and joy in my heart.

Reminding me: They are here. With me. Right now.

Here is one of my favorite photos of them.


Mary enclosed a sweet note in the mail saying that she hopes I get everything I want from the Bible. I am, Mar, thank you!

This Biblical reminder from my parents is not bittersweet. Just a sweet reminder!

And when I am wishing they were by my side, I will just remember… all that I am and all that I do, Mom and Dad are always with me because love never ends.

(Postscript: All that being said, this Holy Bible is sort of like gold in my family, cherished even more then the illusive french-fry cutter, and I’m not giving it back right away. I have it out on loan until my first book is published and then, and only then, will it be returned.)

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