Misty Copeland’s Inspiring Barbie

I love this story because Barbie is getting even more real for girls today! Yesterday Misty Copeland revealed Mattel’s version of herself on Good Morning America. Introducing Misty Copeland:


Misty made headlines in June of last year when the American Ballet Theatre promoted her to principal dancer, making her the first ever African-American woman to hold the title in the company’s 75-year history. This was not the first time she danced her way into history. She was also the first African-American to play the lead role in “Swan Lake.”


Misty Copeland and her Barbie doll. (Photos courtesy of Mattel)

You may have also seen her doing some amazing videos with a cool Under Armour campaign called I Will What I want. You’ve got to check it out. Be prepared to be amazed.

Misty has had her share of troubles in her sport. She was told things like she was too curvy, her calves were too big or she was too old, among other things. She didn’t have the typical body of a ballerina.

But she didn’t listen! And look at her now. She’s empowering dancers everywhere no matter their body type or age.

If you listen to her on GMA talking to a group of young ballerinas she tells them not to listen to anybody. Believe in yourself and work hard and that’s a great start!

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