Life is the Pits for Cara Adams; 100 Years of the Indy 500

During Memorial Day weekend on Sunday, don’t forget to tune in to the Indy 500. This is racing’s biggest event of the year and it is celebrating it’s 100th year running!

In addition, it will be showcasing some pretty impressive work from Cara Adams. Adams, from Akron, Ohio was recently interviewed with espnW on her passion for motorsports as well as her role as senior project engineer for Firestone Racing.

Talk about a cool job! She is responsible for all the tires that will be working the track and explains it like this:

“I work with the mechanical design and testing of the tires. I set up and run tire tests, create tire specifications, run computer simulations and follow production of all the Superspeedway tires. I am also responsible for our “Force and Moment” testing program, which submits our tires to high laps, speeds and angles similar to what the tires see on the racetrack.


Photo credit, Chris Owens (from Indy 500 website)

In short, these drivers are covered where tires are concerned, because this process started at least a year in advance.

“From the technical side, we start the design process for the Indy 500 tire well over a year in advance of the race. I use data I get from tire testing, the previous year’s Indy 500, along with driver feedback to build the best possible tire specification.

To check out the entire story from espnW go here, it’s well worth the time and is one of their featured stories of cool sports jobs!


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