Meditating on God’s Words

When things in your world seem to be going haywire and you don’t know what to do next..Stop.

Just stop.

Reel yourself in anyway you can. Go for a bike ride; paint a picture; walk to the park; bake a cake; write a blog; do something you enjoy to help calm your mind.

Breathe deeply and consciously to bring your awareness back to you. As long as it takes for you to let that monkey mind go down peacefully. Maybe it’s time to pray?


I just finished this one the other day. Adult coloring books can give you instant quiet!

Have at it! Get it all out while remembering to slow down and focus on your breath. What is happening? What is your biggest fear? What do you want? Talk to God in whatever way makes you comfortable. Keep breathing deep throughout. Still calming down.

I’ve heard this quote before that says when we pray we are actually talking to God and when we meditate, God is talking to us.

I believe that.

So when you have some distance between you and whatever has caused distress, quiet your mind and listen.

The first few months I started to meditate, it was impossible for me to quiet my mind. But I kept with it. When those crazy thoughts come in- and they will- you are not failing. Don’t get mad at those thoughts, just disengage. Our minds are made to go, go, go. This is where the concentration comes in. You can do this!

Learning to appreciate meditation takes time and focus. Faith and patience. But once you get it, there’s no going back. This is the best thing for you! And when you are quiet you can hear God’s words, and no- it’s not a booming voice from the heavens. It’s a subtle little whisper, more like your own voice, your own intuition.

And it’s a feeling like nothing else.




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