“New” Games at 2016 Summer Olympics

Who else is psyched to watch some summer Olympics?  I know I am already counting down the days (63 days, 19 hours and change). Here is the official website to help you plan your schedule!

During these Olympic games, there are a couple of notable “new” games: golf and rugby, rugby sevens to be precise.

We all know what golf is all about so that needs little explanation. But for the record, golf has not been played as an Olympic sport since 1904.


Haley Italia- pro golfer- taking a swing in Orlando

This is the first year that rugby will be making its Olympic debut and includes men and women. Rugby does need a little explanation in these parts because not all of us are familiar with the game. Without getting too technical, just think of it as a type of football game.

Rugby aficionado, Doug deWysocki, Jr. is excited to see the game recognized as an Olympic sport. Doug played during his fraternity days at John Carroll University and said “the sport is very strategic and very physical. Sevens is a much faster paced game than the traiditional 15’s.”

Doug insists that this is a great time for rugby fans noting that it will be good for USA Rugby as well.

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