The Other Serenity Prayer

I found this awesome Facebook post that I wanted to share:


As girls and women, we sometimes forget to be kind to ourselves. It’s so easy to forget! But we have to fight the good fight.

We say things in passing like:  “Oh I’m so stupid. I look horrible. I should have done this thing or that better. Why can’t I do such and such right? The list goes on and on. That doesn’t even include all the thoughts rattling around in our heads.

We have to challenge those pesky thoughts and silly self-deprecating comments and become more aware of our self-talk. Be vigilant! Treat yourself the way you treat your best friend. Find it hard to do? Sure we do, we are conditioned that way.

Makes no difference, God loves us through it all, no matter what, and wants us to learn how to love ourselves as best we can. This other serenity prayer is a brilliant reminder for us.

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