Gratitude, Let it Rip

I love lists. I love the act of writing them out- it helps me organize my thoughts and helps me game-plan. I love crossing things off my list, it may be silly, but it’s an accomplishment. Although I don’t do them near as much as I used to, I still adore everything about them!

So a gratitude list is really a fun exercise that you can do whenever you are in a mood. You know, when you are feeling off, try making yourself a gratitude list. I can guarantee that once you get started, it will lift your spirit. Not to mention, help you take stock in all God’s glorious gifts.

What goes on your gratitude list? There are no rules. If you want to be thankful for that pinky toenail that just fell off, then by all means, write it down. The key to this list- just keep on writing. I prefer to do it old school, with paper and pen, but that’s me. You can do it however you like.

In the beginning, you may start by writing down all the obvious stuff, but if you just keep writing and follow your thoughts, you will  find that this exercise will also turn into a prayer of sorts.

What am I grateful for?

  • My entire family, siblings, in-laws
  • My marriage and celebrating twenty years with Neil
  • This blog
  • My agent
  • Social media
  • Online banking
  • Courage to do this work
  • Faith in doing this work
  • All of the athletes participating in G3 and G3 itself
  • Athletes who turned down G3 too
  • Recent pitch that is going to get published nationally
  • My swimming pool and bike
  • My home (sweet home!)
  • Ellie and me’s adventures
  • The ability to do what I want and be my own boss
  • That pinky toe nail that finally fell off
  • Lucky Dee
  • Traveling
  • Rio Olympics
  • God’s love and belief in me that has gotten me this far
  • My friends whom I cherish
  • Book club I just started

So I can go on and on…But I just wanted you to see some examples. It doesn’t matter whether it’s big or little things. Just put down whatever comes to your mind. Don’t judge. Let it flow and don’t stop until you feel fully satisfied.

In short, you are really just acknowledging all the magnificence in your world and opening your heart while saying thank you to God!

Tell me that doesn’t uplift you!

Don’t want to write it? Say it, think it, feel it. Whatever works. There is no wrong way!


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