Fencing Anyone?

With 42 sports in the Rio Olympics (15 days and counting), there are probably a few that you may not know too much about. If you’re like me, fencing is one of them.

I know that this sport looks like a medieval duel. But the matches can happen so fast that it is often hard to see who gets who! That’s why their suits have sensors on them and can tell you when they get hit.

Here’s who I’m watching out for, Ibtihaj Muhammad. This New Jersey girl is making history as she will be wearing the hijab (head scarf) during competition and will be the first US woman to do so.


Photo from USA Fencing

So here’s a quick insight taken straight off Fencing 101, USA website:

The object of a fencing bout (“game”) is to effectively score 15 points (in direct elimination play) or five points (in preliminary pool play) before your opponent, or have a higher score than your opponent when the time limit expires. Points are received by making a touch in the opponent’s target area. Direct elimination matches consist of three three‐minute periods with a one‐minute break between each in epee and foil. In saber, each the first period lasts for eight touches and the second period ends when the first fencer scores 15 points.

Go Ibtihaj! Check her out on the Ellen show here, it’s not only funny (as all things Ellen are!) but will show you what to expect when watching, minus Andy’s fancy footwork, of course!


3 thoughts on “Fencing Anyone?

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  2. Hi, I love your post about Ibtihaj and fencing rules. There’s not a lot on the sport on this website, so I’ve started my own blog on it: leraleonteva.wordpress.com.
    I hope you’ll find some of the posts interesting.


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