Look at That Face!

Meet Sydney McLaughlin who is the youngest USA Track and Field Olympian since 1972. How determined is she? Just one look at that face and, WOW!

Doesn’t it make you want to run as fast as you can and effortlessly glide over a hurdle that sits 30 inches above ground?


Thank you espnW Twitter and Getty Images!

Now that’s funny!

Comedy aside, let’s leave it to this 16-year old from Dunellen, New Jersey. Actually Sydney will be turning 17 on August 7 (during the Olympics) and is hoping to achieve her Olympic dream in the 400m hurdles. She certainly feels the love and support from the 4-time Olympian and track and field golden girl, Allyson Felix (who is also just an overall awesome and faithful person).

“I’ve talked to [Allyson Felix] a lot, asked her questions about how to deal with the pressure and how to deal with all this. She’s kind of like a big sister, someone I look up to. Not only is she a great athlete but she’s also a great person to talk to about things besides track,” Sydney said.

It’s wonderful to know that Team USA is working together so flawlessly.

Anyway, speaking of faces, what are you doing to get your game face on? We are just two weeks shy of the opening ceremonies. Team USA needs to feel your love and support as well.

I can help you with the game face… please stay tuned for an amazing surprise coming at you next week!

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