Women’s Sports Film Festival

This weekend will mark the first inaugural Women’s Sports Film Festival in Oakland, California.

This sensational trailer makes me want to start driving there now, while I am currently in Ocean City, Maryland on a writing retreat/mini vacation. So it’s not like I’m holed up in an office somewhere. I wish I’d known sooner!

After checking out the website and seeing that trailer, I feel incredibly hopeful for the state of women’s sports. Sure there has been controversy lately about equal pay, but the key takeaway for me: progress is happening. RIGHT NOW! Might be slow and steady but it is happening.

This event is, in fact, further proof.

“At the Women Sports Film Festival we talk about what women’s sports is. Compelling. Transformative. Global. Using the power of documentary film we celebrate female athletes and the filmmakers who bring their stories to the screen. From legendary champions to girls on the local playing field, we promote films and conversations that explore how sport shapes the lives of women and girls around the world.

Steeped in respect for the women and men who blazed the trail, we are decidedly forward facing. The conversation around equity in both women’s sports and filmmaking is reaching a feverish pitch and the mission of this festival is to create progress on both fronts. Intentionally scheduled for the weekend before the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics, when awareness of women’s sports is at an all time high, this inaugural festival is a forum for community conversation about these important issues.

There are many options for watching films today, but nothing compares to the live, shared experience of seeing a movie in a theater with others and talking about it afterwards. We invite you to join us.

You get where I’m coming from?

Check out the website here for more information!

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