Using Your Gifts


Ocean City, MD…

This Biblical sand art is straight up awesome. So many people were stopping and taking photos. No wonder! Look at that intricate detail involved in these images. Can you even imagine doing a job like this?

My first thought of this incredible work reminds me of how we can all use our gifts, whatever those gifts may be. Whether you are a world class athlete or a world class mother (this world needs as many as possible), we are all given inherent and unique gifts from God.

Don’t know what your gifts are? Some simple ways to tell are whatever feels natural to you, like, you don’t have to really think about it. Plus it makes you happy. You are confident and in a place of ease when engaged in this activity.

No, you say, I don’t really have any…STOP! Think again.

You are a child of God. Maybe you write off the gift because it is so easy for you, but think about it this way: what may come natural to you is not natural for someone else!

You like to bake. So you can’t go to a family gathering without your famous chocolate chip cookies. One of your gifts!  Your friend is a super-compassionate being, she genuinely cares for others through good and bad. One of her gifts. Your mom is a smart, competent lawyer. One of her gifts.

My point is, God’s gifts are many and plenty. Don’t let them go to waste! Work it. Live it. Love it.

You have so much to offer. You are God’s gift. And this world needs your light.

Most importantly, love each other deeply. Love has a way of not looking at others’ sins. Open your homes to each other, without complaining. Each of you received a spiritual gift. God has shown you his grace in giving you different gifts. And you are like servants who are responsible for using God’s gifts. So be good servants and use your gifts to serve each other.

I Peter 4: 8-10 International Children’s Bible

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