Beyond the Dream…

I just read this awesome article on The Players Tribune entitled, Letter to Olympic Medalists. (Shout out to the incomparable Derek Jeter for starting this amazing site!)

This article is relevant to anyone who has a dream and goal, like say, writing a book. It ponders the deeper meaning of our motivations asking the question: is winning everything?

In the world of publishing, I suppose the equivalent to winning gold could be getting on the New York Times best-sellers list.

So this article got me to thinking: is getting on the New York Times (NYT) best-sellers list a goal of mine for this book?  Hardly! It’s barely even on my radar. But don’t get me wrong, it’d be great, though it’s not my reason. (Let’s not get carried away, some day it just might be a dream of mine.)

But let’s follow the premise for the Letter to Olympic Medalists.  In my case, it would take me to the moment after being placed on that NYT best-sellers list where I’m in a room by myself inevitably thinking: so that’s it?

Not very glamorous, huh? Sounds so empty! Isn’t that sort of the nature of a goal? Achieve, move on. Achieve, move on.

Still unsettled, I was left asking myself, why this dream? Why do I stare into the computer screen some days and rack my brain for the best words or the right tempo or the best hook?

For me, my answer is a simple one, yet I need to keep it in my mental pocket for quick reference. I need that reminder to keep me on task. The easy answer for why this dream:

I have to!

Why do I have to? Because I love writing and telling stories. I love talking and connecting with people and sharing their testimony. This is my purpose. I want to honor God for the gifts he has given me while serving others.

My ultimate goal is to empower and inspire and I want to affect as many people as possible. I want to ignite my sweet, precious Ellie and show her that WINNING is CHASING THE DREAM, no matter the dream.


Ellie Jacqueline at Fishtales, Ocean City, MD. (July, 2016)

Every day I pray for the strength and courage to do all these things. The NYT best-sellers list has never once been included in that prayer (not yet anyway)!


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