A Golden Reaction

Hello Simone Manuel!

If we didn’t know Manuel before this duel in the pool, then we surely know her now. I loved this 20-year old’s reaction when she won gold in the 100m freestyle Thursday. It was almost like she shocked herself! It was a genuine, sweet moment indeed.

Check it out here, if you didn’t get to see it live. Or if you are like me and just want to go back for seconds (or thirds)!

Manuel became the first African-American woman to take an individual gold medal in the pool.


Simone Manuel from Sugar Land, Texas receives her first gold medal. Look at this face! Proud she is repping USA. (Thank you Getty Images)

It gets even better though! When Manuel was fresh out of the water for her post-meet interview, she gave all the glory to God. Then proceeded to get a bit more emotional but was able to keep it in check. I was teary-eyed at that point. So happy for her.

Manuel has been extraordinary, claiming two silver medals in the 50m freestyle and the 4x100m freestyle relay. But later when Manuel and teammates, Kathleen Baker, Lilly King and Dana Vollmer closed the deal on the 4x100m medley relay by snatching gold they did so in glorious fashion. Why?

This marked Team USA’s 1,000th gold medal since the summer games in Athens, Greece from back in 1896! To keep that number in perspective, second in line is the Soviet Union who has 395 followed by Great Britain with 236.

WOW. Thank you, Simone!


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