Helen Maroulis Wrestles with Gold

Check this out: Helen Maroulis was the first woman to take gold in wrestling for Team USA! You read that right, Maroulis who hails from Rockville, Md. won gold. In wrestling.  USA! USA! At just 24-years old, she took down a legend, beating out three-time Olympic champion from Japan, Saori Yoshida.

This was Maroulis’ first Olympic games. But she is no stranger to the wrestling spotlight. Last year she won a world championship in a different weight class.


Thank you, USA Wrestling.

According to this USA Today article, Maroulis’ victory brought her to her knees and she became emotional. She climbed into the stands to embrace her own team and then wrapped the flag around herself and took a lap around the mat. Her opponent, on the other hand, wept uncontrollably.



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