12 Ways to Add Prayer to Your School Day

Has the excitement worn off yet? You are back in school now and you are no longer all jeeped up about who your teachers are and what’s expected of you. You’ve got all that down. Now you are in the groove.

Hardly! You are feeling like you are in the swamp! You sure do have an awful lot of juggling to do. So many balls in the air with all that homework and reading, not to mention those demanding extra curric’s like soccer and drama. How you miss those lazy days of summer when you could effortlessly weave in your prayer time! Now, you are just trying to keep your head above water with all that is going on…

School_girl_studyingNever fear! G3 brainstormed and laid out some additional ideas for you to get in your God time. We know how miserable we can get without it. Here are some tips on sneaking in some extra prayer time:

  1. You know that saying “the early bird gets the worm”? Of course you do. Set your alarm clock for 5-15 minutes early, depending on your needs.
  2. Ha! Every minute of shuteye counts. Use the drive time then for some quiet moments with God.
  3. How about in between classes or during any free time? Inviting God into your day more often will strengthen your faith while keeping you spiritually sharp.
  4. Bathroom breaks count too! Sounds silly, but the more more you seek out God, the more he will find you. A quick I love you opens your heart.
  5. After school, before you start anything else, commit this time to thanking God for all you accomplsihed.
  6. You have got to give Him a big shout-out before a test or a speech or working on an assignment.
  7. Before classes that are difficult (ask for help).
  8. Before classes that are easy (thank Him).
  9. When you feel peer pressure kicking in, follow your gut which is Spirit talking…and  then pray.
  10. When ever anything good happens, like that big win!
  11. When something “bad” happens, like you didn’t get the lead in the play.
  12. When you feel overwhelmed or bogged down, He is there for you if only you reach out.

Prayer looks different from day to day. Often, even from minute to minute. But that’s okay! There is no wrong way to pray. So it doesn’t matter whether you are speaking in your head or sharing with a friend or tapping away on your keyboard, what matters is your intent. If you want to be closer to God then you have to prioritze. And remember, He wants that too!

What other ways can you add prayer during your hectic schedule?


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