Ravens vs Bills: It’s On!

I’m stepping out of the regularly scheduled programming because this is a big day…

Today is what we in Baltimore call Purple Friday. What is Purple Friday you ask?

A day where the old and young, fair-weather or die-hard fan pay homage to their local sports team, the Baltimore Ravens, by wearing purple.

Yes, it’s really a thing.


On this day, however, I have more of the excitement than usual. This weekend is the kickoff to the NFL regular season and there is a certain electricity in the air that is very real around these parts.

But this time around it’s even more special for me.

Couple of reasons. First my two teams are going head to head. The team I grew up with, the Bills, and the team that I married into and have grown to love in the past 20 seasons, the Ravens. The way I see it, I am winning no matter what the final score.

But the real reason for my excitement, some of my nieces and nephews are coming to Baltimore and staying with us for this game! So yes, I’m totally pumped up to see them and have my two families come together.

I love when family comes together, no matter the reason.

Are you ready for some football?



2 thoughts on “Ravens vs Bills: It’s On!

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