On my Tombstone

Go with the flow. Sounds so simple, right? Go with the flow.

Go with the freaken flow.


I want you to know that if I were going to have a tombstone-but I won’t since I intend on being cremated- if I were, I’d want it to say “she tried really hard to go with the flow, like, really, really hard.”

As much as I hate to admit, this is not in my nature. It takes work, a lot of work.

So my laptop is down. Take away my primary writing source and I panic! I have an older laptop that doesn’t work and an ancient PC in my office that I haven’t used in years. I’m not prepared for my Mac-Daddy that is less than two years old, not to mention, I‘ve totally fallen in love with it, to be on the fritz.  

It is what it is. Why fight it? Let me count the ways!

First off, I’m on deadline and I am typing on an iPad. I have no keyboard and I’m typing with thumbs. Thumbs only! I don’t even own an iPad, it is my husband’s, Neil. (Thanks babe!) At least I have something.

Second, my laptop will not be going into the Apple Store till Tuesday. Mac-Daddy was there today but that didn’t go well. What I was hoping would be a quick fix, like needing a new battery, is not that at all. OMG, TUESDAY IS A LONG WAY AWAY!

Third, I have gotten so used to these technological luxuries. I’m a social media junkie as I’m trying to figure out ways to grow G3’s platform. I can’t Facebook or Tweet the same, I can’t access my photos or my word docs. I’m all thumbs! Just thumbs!

I could keep going but I won’t. It is what it is.

As you probably already know, I’m a big believer in signs and this is no different. Maybe the man with plan has some different ideas for me at this point? Maybe I need to unplug? Clear out my deadlines and unplug, that is. 

So that’s how it has to be. I’m conceding for now and I’m not happy about it. But I just need a minute, or ten thousand, to regroup. In that time I shall envision the font I’d want (it’s getting ugly, I’m rhyming) on my tombstone, if I were going to have one. Me and my thumbs.


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