Here’s to the Ready Room

Kara Lynn Joyce wrote an incredible article for The Players Tribune talking about the mind games that happen just before a race.


Kara Lynn Joyce, follow her on Twitter.

Joyce is a former Olympic swimmer and she takes us deep into the Ready Room, a small cramped room where competitors try to get the advantage just before the showdown.

The Ready Room is that place where she says you can win or lose before ever hitting the water. You must check out this story here, it’s definitely worth the time to read.

Thank you, Kara, for that impeccable insight. I felt you transition from the noise and anxiety to your peaceful place in that article, a true sign of good writing.

We all have our own Ready Room. It’s not a place but rather a mindset. A feeling. The one that says you are not going to be defeated. You can’t lose. Even if the score doesn’t work out to your advantage, you are prepared. You will give it all you have and leave it out on the field.

The Ready Room is a place of peace. Satisfaction. Pure joy. It is not just an idea. It is real.

For me, the Ready Room is also that place where I meet up with God and my stories and get lost in my work and give it my everything. There is no doubt, no fear. Just fun and ease!

Man, I love it there. Here’s to the Ready Room!

What does your Ready Room look like?

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