License Plates, Feathers and Jesus, Oh My!

I believe there are no coincidences. I believe God sends us messages in ways that we can hear, loud and clear. These messages are particular to our own life and the story we are living. They are not just for a few chosen people, they are for everyone. All the time. It’s only if we are open to receive that we will hear them.

That is why I created the OMG! category on G3, so we can share these awe-inspiring moments and celebrate all the ways in which God blesses us. Communicates with us.

So with this installment of OMG! I’m going to share a few I’ve had over the course of the last month or so. Three to be exact, and I’ve been debating whether or not I should share.

What will people think? I better not share this much, they’ll laugh me right out of the author circle I am trying to break into. 

I don’t care. I can’t. Not anymore. Besides, my faith is telling me to go with it. So that’s what I will do.

I will start with a license plate. I was rushing one day, on my way to an appointment. My mood for work had been trending low. I’d been praying for a sign and there she was on a license plate of a shiny white new vehicle stuck in traffic ahead of me.

The plate read, GGG 8. When I saw it, I laughed out loud.

That is three g’s, and in my world points straight to G3, and an 8 which is a beautiful infinity sign. Immediately I knew that God was in my corner. I didn’t take a picture of this because I was driving. I savored that moment and just said thank you. I could feel a burden be lifted.

Now on to the next fab moment. I do have a picture.

I’m at the Bills/Ravens game with my nieces and nephews. I’ve been stoking the Ravens fire all week long to my family full of Bills fans. In fact, I was fanning the flames at the private Facebook page I had set up for this event. My brother, Johnny, was not particularly happy with me for this.

However, on game day, Johnny was posting some awesome pictures of my Dad (who passed away in 2013) on that page sporting his Bills gear.

So my niece, Jackie, and me start scrolling through the photos. We were practically in tears, “oh great, thanks Uncle Johnny for the buzz kill,” we joked sarcastically. I’m sitting in a foldup chair with cup holders on either side of me. As I look over to my left, I see this:


A feather in my cup. I went wild!

Here’s the back story: Shortly after I found out my father died, I asked for a sign. If you know anything about signs, they come when you least expect it and they are intuitive hits straight to your gut. Like YOU JUST KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, IT WAS A SIGN.

A day later I was on my way home from the White Marsh Mall and all of a sudden I see an RV type trailer that says Jay Feather on it. Wow! Now this might not seem like much to you but let me tell you something. It means everything to me. Here’s why:

A) Many people would call my Dad, Jay, and

B) Feathers are already a near and dear sign to me, dating back to my Mom’s passing (in 1997).

When I saw the trailer I just thought WOW. Thank you God. My father is okay. He’s better than okay! My parents, together again at last, are up to mayhem right now. I felt a peace for the first time since my Dad had died!

So back to the feather in the cup at the Bills-Ravens game. When I saw this, I am pretty sure I scared the pants off Jackie when I started screaming. OMG, OMG, that is from my Dad. He’s here with us. He’s here with us! They are here with us right now. That’s a sign! Then I had to run and tell my brother Michael and his son, Jack!

Just so we are clear, the place where we tailgate is not surrounded by water or a bird sanctuary. It’s the city, all pavement. We are, literally, under a bridge so it feels sort of enclosed. (entrampment as my nephews might say). That is not to say there aren’t birds there, but golly…

How cool is that?

Now finally for the doozie. This is a good one. This sign is one that took me a year and change to process.

Me and my sweet Ellie were scrolling through my phone pictures one night as she was getting ready for some shuteye with me and Pop-pop. While scrolling I came accross the pictures of when I went to see the Pope with my sister, Mary and brother, Michael.

In these photos I noticed that during the parade, on my cell camera, there was a  woman who must’ve been wearing a white fur coat of sorts. Or maybe it was a girl on someone’s shoulders. But anyway, in a few photos I got a small clip of the arm with the white on it.

See the white puff above right? Well in one of them, just as we see the Pope Mobile coming into focus, the white arm is again obstructing the view somewhat. But what stopped me in my tracks is what I saw in the white furry stuff…see that below. It’s translucent.


Up in the left hand corner, almost near the top where you start to see the Pope Mobile come into view, there is an image of a face.

Do you see it? Zoom in if you have to.

I never noticed this image until me and Ellie were scanning photos on my cell. On my honor, I promise you, I don’t do photoshop editing. Well, only to take redeye out and do a simple auto-enhance. That’s where my skills pretty much end.

What do you see? I will leave it open to your interpretation.

To me it is a special messenger indeed!

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