Harlem Lacrosse: Changing the Game

Just checked out this awesome story on Players Tribune about the Harlem Lacrosse program.

Talk about an inspiration. These young players from the ages of 9-14 are authentic and raw in their little snippets that make up this wonderful story. I love it.

So I decided to do some looking into the program itself. Wow! This non-profit that originated in Harlem (obviously) in 2011 has grown to east Baltimore with more locations coming in 2017.

What I love about it is that they are taking the at-risk kids that are pretty much expected to fail out the system by not graduating and working directly with them. So they work with them year-round, in class and on the field. They teach them life skills and team work. Leadership.

This program is taking lacrosse and using it as a vehicle to get these girls engaged and in control of their own lives. They are giving them what no one else could: hope. What’s more: it’s not about growing the game for this non-profit. It’s about changing the game.

Changing the game.It’s simply mind-boggling to me that such low expectations for young girls like this even exist.

To learn more about this program and it’s benefits go here. Feel free to donate. Thank you Harlem Lacrosse.

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