Thank You Kelly and Zeke’s Coffee


Kelly White is dialed in. She has a soft spot for our pink Octobers. That said, she wants to change the game. Or rather, change the wording of this October game.

I introduced you to Kelly when her amazing book Inside the Bible Adventure Book for Scavenger Hunts dropped and also the upcoming hit book, Jesus Groupie. You might remember her from this unforgettable story as well.

Kelly is working with the locally, family owned Zeke’s coffee which is distributed locally on a really cool campaign regarding the Susan G Komen fund. She wants to see a shift in what we, as a society, are putting our attention to.

Let’s put our focus on health and awareness not on cancer, Kelly said staunchly. Not only because the c-word strikes fear in too many but also because Kelly firmly believes that what we give our attention to we get.

So she got tired of reading and seeing this movement centered around fear and the C word. After some griping about it she did what any writer would do. She got to thinking… and then eventually got to writing.

Why not start a movement to help shift the current paradigm, she thought. And here we are. I want to show you this press release she created:

Zeke’s Coffee Goes BOLD for Breast Cancer Health Awareness Month

BALTIMORE, MD—Zeke’s Coffee, a family-owned small-batch roaster and café in Lauraville, is BOLDly declaring October as Breast Health Awareness Month with the very real power of positivity in mind:





For the entire month of October 2016, Zeke’s Tell Tale Dark coffee has limited edition pink labels, and $1 of each one-pound bag sold will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which is dedicated to the search for a cure.

Tell Tale Dark combines the smoky, deep flavor of an Italian Roast with the rich earthiness of Guatemalan coffee. Together, they create a BOLD, full-bodied cup with a dark complexity that would surely have pleased Edgar Allan Poe himself—the perfect coffee for chasing off the chills of a cold, dark night.

Zeke’s Coffee Shop is located at 4607 Harford Road in Lauraville, a designated Main Street Maryland neighborhood. Zeke’s coffee can also be purchased at many area cafés, stores, and farmers markets—go to and click “Find Us” for detailed info.

If you are heading to the Hunt Valley walk this Sunday Zeke’s is serving free cups of fresh-brewed coffee at the Susan G. Komen Maryland Race for the Cure.

Genius Kelly and thank you Zeke’s.

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