Ellie is Throwing Nans Shade

Can you believe that? No rhyme or reason. At just over a year and half years old, Ellie is throwing her Nans shade.



Case in point….


That face. I mean, I can’t stand it. And this is just the light version, I haven’t been able to get the real shade on camera yet. Just wait.

Ellie’s favorite word is no. When she began saying no, I was not so thrilled.

I said, Ellie we are saying yes to life.

She said no.

Ellie do you want to go to the park?

No. (She always wants to go to the park.)

Ellie are you hungry?

No. (She is a lil food diva in the making. I mean, this girl loves almost all veggies and she even digs avocado. I was 34-years old before I dared venture into an avocado.)

Ellie do you want to go see the doggies next door?

No. (She cannot get enough of dogs. Ever. Period.)

In this house— my house, it used to be that I was the favorite. It appears I have fallen from grace. Pop-pop is the new dawg in town. Ellie is dissing me left and right. For no apparent reason.


I love it.


Her understanding is growing each and every day. Her will is also growing exponentially. I want to do it my way. I have to do it on my own. She says with grunts and groans. Words aren’t forming just yet.

Her determination sure is. She is sharp. Quick-witted and equally tempermental. This little one has so much personality, she cracks me up.


Just in case you didn’t realize, Nans is my grandma name.


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