Hello Leah Amico!


This is what a three-time gold medal Olympian looks like.

In the photo above, former softball player Leah Amico is talking to a group of young girls about what it was like when she played in the Olympics. This was taken after she finished running an all-day softball clinic at Meadville High School in Pennsylvania.

Leah was all about the positive energy! She was giving the girls, individually and collectively, solid tips on how to improve their game. She didn’t just tell them, she showed them.

It was obvious, Leah was not afraid to get down and dirty, not to mention- she really knows her stuff.

G3 is proud to have Leah as one of the athletes being featured in the first book. Even more proud after watching her in action.

What was really cool was that while she was working with these girls, she was full of encouraging words. She even addressed the mental part of the game that seems to be neglected in our competitive society.

Its not just about talent, its attitude as well. Being a team player isn’t just an empty phrase but is essential to success.

Her knowledge and passion for the sport is evident. And contagious. These young girls were all over her. Once the clinic ended and it was the designated time for autographs, they completely swarmed her. It was really a sight to see.


Say hello to Leah Amico. We cannot wait to share her story!

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