A Prayer for Democracy

With so much fear in the air, I offer up this simple prayer:

Father, unite us in our common hope for this country. Watch over all those who are manning the polls and getting out to vote.

Please show us the ways of peace and harmony and guide us with your grace.

We need you now more than ever, God.

Forgive us for all the vitriol that we have grown and harbored. Put us on a path of love and kindness. Help us to forgive one another.

Freedom is our right and love is our gift so help us to remember…

We get to decide. No matter who wins this election, we can decide to love. We can choose peace. We can work together toward oneness.

Also please bless the winner and loser, that they may recover and help heal this great nation and all that it wants to be.

Show us the way Father, individually and collectively. We need you and love you.



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