FCA: Stand For Faith

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an incredible group that works to bring faith and hope into the lives of student athletes. On Wednesday, November 2 they held a Fields of Faith gathering at the local Edgewood High School in Harford County, Maryland.


This event was very moving as all in attendance witnessed powerful testimonies from local high school athletes who have given their lives to God.


There was great music and prayer time. It was a touching night filled with raw emotion and a lot of brutal, honest talk. The young man and women who spoke were eloquent and really struck a chord. Don’t forget, they are in only high school. To say there speeches were beautiful would not even do them justice.

In this scene below, we huddled up, as if it were game time. It was pretty cool for me since it’s been a good while since I’ve actually been in a huddle.

But the best part came at the very end. We got to witness some young folks surrender their lives to Christ for the first time.

In order to do this, the FCA set up a wooden cross where kids wrote down one thing they were asking the Lord to take from them or help them with. If they didn’t want to write something specific they could put a cross on the paper as a gesture of their commitment.

Here is a taste of that visual…


It was all quite magical to take in. It felt very personal and intimate as many of the young people were in tears and simply overjoyed.

I encourage you all to learn more about the FCA of Northern Maryland here. They are doing some incredible work.

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