Mark your Calendar: Giving Tuesday

There is a beautiful movement that has taken root over the past few years. It is called giving Tuesday. This is a global event that you can learn more about here on this video. It happens the Tuesday (well, duh!) after Thanksgiving and the day after Cyber-Monday.

What an awesome way to honor God by giving back! Especially in this busy season of mass consumerism and gluttony when it’s way too easy to get swept up in things that don’t matter (and only grates away at your faith) rather than things that do- like real love.

Giving back to someone, individually or collectively, with no expectation of getting anything in return will breathe new life into your faith and reinvigorate your humanity.

I’ve often said that I always get way more than I give when I am giving back. It’s natural, in my heart. And it’s not just mine.

It is natural for us all.

So do you have any plans for giving Tuesday? We are only a couple weeks out! Here are a few ideas:

What business are you in? Offer up your services to a local non-profit. It doesn’t have to be on that particular Tuesday. It could be a Saturday or your off day. Who knows? Maybe it could be a regular thing!

What is your passion? Love softball? Can you offer up some coaching to the local programs?

Check in at your church? They are always coming up with new opportunities to help their communities like going to the soup kitchen to help feed the homeless.

Organize a group of your best buds and sign up for one of your favorite organizations for a day. Do some physical labor with your local Habitat for Humanity or the local food bank.

Start something on your own. It doesn’t have to be a full-time gig, it can be something as fast and easy as posting a note on all of your social media accounts like: Need books for children or adults. Take charge! Collect all the books (or clothes or toys or whatever) for a specific place after getting the go-ahead. Pick up and then drop off, easy breezy.

There are so many ways to open your heart this time of year because no amount of gifts or money can satisfy this deep need to help and make a difference. If time is an issue then you can always write a check, but the thing is, you really do get so much more from doing and connecting with others.

I guarantee you that the act of giving back will absolutely put you in the holiday spirit. It doesn’t have to be reserved to just one day a year either. 12799108_10154029641419883_5692568533542121785_n



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