New Adventures

I have much to be grateful for and, honestly, it has been hard for me to contain my excitement these days.

First of all, me and my husband, Neil, have bought a new house. We settle on Tuesday, December 6. Tomorrow! To see the way this whole adventure has lined up for us has just been magnificent.

We thought we were living the dream in our forever home. But then this sweet little waterfront property popped up…next thing you know, we are selling our family home to our son, Cal. Now he can make memories here with his family, where he and my husband were both raised.

But that’s not the only new adventure I’ve got brewing. There’s also this. It’s a new article I wrote with the intention of helping us (read: me) stay grounded during this busy time of year. I’m super-pumped to be teaming up with Busted Halo, a Christian website, where I can spout off on occasion and hopefully add some loving into this world.

Thank you all for following me on these new adventures. Thank you, God for your love and gifts. I am grateful for all my many blessings.

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