2016 Impact Athletes

Last week, espnW named their top women athletes of 2016. It is a powerful list of who’s who in the world of women’s sports. You can find it here– a must read for sure!

I love the diversity that this list represents. And make no mistake, women’s sports is growing. Conversations about inequality are happening and attitudes/changes are starting to take root.

Truly, it is an awesome time to be a fan. These incredible women on this list show grit and determination every single day of their lives. They never fail to inspire us and make us want to work harder and be more. Like I said, it is a fun time to be a woman who loves sports.

Here is a quick sampling of athletes who slayed in 2016. What’s more, these gals are not afraid to share their faith and give all the glory to God:

  • Gymnast, Simone Biles made her Olympic debut and just, WOW. If she wasn’t already, Simone became a household name globally, taking a record four gold medals and winning her fourth straight national title. How fun was she to watch?
  • Swimmer, Simone Manuel had one of the best reactions I’ve ever seen to winning gold and it nearly brought me to tears.
  • Katie Ledecky continued to make waves in the pool as well, winning four golds and shattering two world records.

Side note: espnW also lists women influencers and I have to mention the formidable Leslie Jones. I began following this hilarious comedian on Twitter right around the time she was flown out to cover the Olympics and she made them all the more fun to watch!  Her sense of humor is on point and I love how she handled herself and then spoke out against cyber-bullying.

Again, this article is a must-read for all women sports fans. Actually it’s for all women in general. Especially for those who want to be inspired.


Thank you, espnW!


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