Dear Santa

I was recently reminded by a teary-eyed stranger that the holidays are not happy for everyone. After I hugged him- yes I most certainly did hug him- I had the idea of writing you a letter. I thought I would write this letter in the hopes of giving him and others a voice.

Dear Santa,

I’ve been floating around in my own little happy/busy cloud for the past month and wanted to clue you in on some cases that need your immediate attention.

Santa, there are people in real pain who have lost loved ones, or even lost themselves. I’m thinking of the man that I hugged at Home Depot who told me he lost his mother and father within a year of each other and doesn’t talk to any of his siblings anymore. Can you help him through his grief?

Or the young girls and women I’ve met that are desperately trying to pull themselves out of abuse and addictions and work their way back into being productive members of society. Can you show them their strength?

Santa, there are so many angry people that need to simply hit the pause button. Like today, the gentleman driving the big, blue Ram truck that nearly got plowed into by a little lady who pulled out in front of him in her Prius in the Costco parking lot. I could hear his rage from far away, it was as if this woman had taken his first born. Can you give this guy a break? His ignitor was clearly prelit.

Then there is this whole saga about our country and these divided states. Our First Lady was even saying we are now in this new phase where all hope has died. Wait, what? Hope no longer lives here?

Here? Really? 

Santa, can you please remind everyone, First Lady included, that hope never dies…unless you actively kill it. That is fear talking and we cannot take that bait.

Santa, can you open our hearts?

Please let everyone know, individually and collectively, that if we try to stay in our peace- whether we are dealing with a personal issue or a global one- that this world will be better, if only we try to stay in our peace. Just try and see what happens. One person at a time, one conversation at a time.

That’s all for now, Santa, I know you are busy.

xo Molly

P.S. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.


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