Happy New Year Poem

I wanted to write a bunch of gibberish, but thought, Molly, just show ’em

What this year has been like with pictures and a poem.


It started at the beach, literally came across this in the sand

Thank goodness I had my phone—love how God uses another’s hand.

I had to add a couple of my own and couldn’t find a twig

but you know how things work, once found, I had to write big!

So many adventures I shared with sweet lil Ellie

she’s hysterical at home or on the road—

From Ocean City to Upstate and a day trip to the zoo

plus the zillion dance parties we held at the abode.

I’d say the fun started heating up as I took to traveling for G3

First stop the strong powerlifter in Lynn and next the mighty Olympian Katie.

Sure, the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid was a sight

but there are more athletes to find and much work to be done,

So I jetted to Orlando and met with a glorious golfer, Haley

had some grub with DJ- who is making this journey more fun.


I took some time away for a family vacation

The Atlantis in the Bahamas was certainly no joke,

we did water sports, laughed and ate like kings

the only thing missing were the cloaks.

Next up on the docket

was a family wedding in Niagara Falls- my hometown,

my brother Jimmy and his sweetie tied the knot

with Ellie (and Pop-pop) walking up the aisle in a precious gown.

Back to work I quickly went

preparing for the big Summer games,

An article in BYOU Mag

introduced some popular names.

Then off to Lake Placid again, where I met up with Elana, the talented bobsledder

She was such a profound interview, it doesn’t get much better!

Moving on to a softball clinic with Leah and all her golds

In the hands of little ones, so precious to behold.

Wow, oh wow! I’ve been enthralled and inspired

Jaw-dropped and listening, empowered and real wired.

I feel lucky, so blessed, to do the work I do,

I’m giving it my all, in the hopes of inspiring others too.


I promise to be patient and let God take the lead,

When the timing is right, it’s going to happen indeed.


As we go into the New Year I beg you to be safe.

Live like Ellie- get lots of whip cream on your face!

I’m noticing how time flies as we get older, so I’m going to try and live a just little bit bolder.

 Starting with my own resolution: to be more forgiving and loving, faithful and true

Because if you recall, it’s what Jesus would do.


From my family to yours,

I wish you a ton of love and happiness and a big fat bag of peace-

Happy New Year to all

and like Dr. Seuss says, enjoy your carved roast beast!

XO Molly

P.S. I guess I wrote a bunch of gibberish after all. Ah well!

P.S.S  Thank you, thank you, thank you, God, for all your love and blessings!

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