My God Box

Its nothing fancy.

In fact, it’s pretty cheesy.

An almost discarded jewelry box with a hole cut on the top-


What is it, you ask? Why that is my God Box.

I’m not exactly sure when I made it. But I clearly remember why I made it.

I know you’ve heard the saying, give it to God.

Maybe you have also heard the saying, pry it from my cold dead hands (cue the calculating and stern voice of Charleston Heston)?

Well, that’s how it feels to let go of an addiction. Or an obsession. Or control. We know what’s good for us but we have a hard time taking action or not taking action.

Enter the God Box!

I put my doubts and worries on small pieces of paper and slip it into the box. I love the ritual. But since we have moved, I lost my box.

Until recently.

Some things I’ve given to God in the past:

Getting an agent for my literary dreams- √

Receiving guidance on a certain project- √

Fears and worries about another project- √

Thy will, God, not my will- √

img_3943I don’t know why it is tricky for me to give certain things to God while others have to be pried from my cold, dead hands. Perhaps I should jot that question down and slip it into the box.

What would you put in your God Box if you had one?

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