Prayer For Our Country

I was proud and humbled to be able to take part in the inauguration this past weekend. It was my first. I was also grateful to be able to attend the Freedom Ball and Liberty Ball. I am truly blessed. But I have to admit, I am also scared.

Tolerance. Hope. Love. Dear God, these things seem to be completely missing in our country today.

Sweet Jesus, please show yourself in this world so that we may ALL be guided by your light.

I thank you, God, for watching over the inauguration and demonstrations where there were no major issues while the world was watching. I pray that you can reach those who are so distraught by fear and anger that they feel they must riot and destroy property or even bully and defame online. Show them how love works.

I ask that you give President Trump and all his people the strength and conviction to work for the greater good. Show them how to be all-inclusive and open-minded and lead us in a way that unites us.

I pray that your love will guide our leaders to do what is right and what is good. Always. Let us be a positive role model for democracy and freedom in this world.

I also pray that you give me the courage to hold my tongue when I disagree with someone. Remind me it is not my job to make people understand my point of view. Give me that nudge of remembrance—  peace is up to me. And even though I can control how I respond to things, I cannot force peace– or anything else for that matter– on anyone.

While I don’t agree with everything on either side of the fence, I offer up this prayer with the hope that we will move forward with forgiveness and wide open hearts.

Our great nation needs you now, more than ever, God. Please help us find our way. I realize that as bad as it may feel at times, there is no place I’d rather be. And I thank you for that.

xo Molly

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