Champion of Girls Sports

I am in love with this day, Wednesday, February 1, 2017. Complete and utter love. So much so that I want to go skip through the park while I walk my dog.

Why so stoked?

It’s National Girls and Women in Sports Day.


Say it again with me: National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

To honor such a significant day, I did a special blog post about it at the website of my favorite magazine for girls today that is on the market — BYOU Magazine. Please check out this article here.

I encourage all of us to become a champion for girls (and women) sports. It’s simple to do really. All we have to do is encourage the girls and women in our life to play.

Just play! Especially our young girls. The research is crystal clear, girls who play sports growing up have so much more going for them versus girls who don’t.

Doesn’t even have to be competitive play either. It could be taking a yoga class or trying a new sport, like paddle boarding or disc golf. What works for one may not work for another. And that’s okay.

Let’s just get out there and play!

-xo Molly



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