Under Our Skin Forum

Last week my travels for G3 brought me to Tampa, Florida. While I was there to interview soccer star, Mo Isom, I was fortunate enough to attend this forum on race and faith hosted by the incomparable Sage Steele at The Crossing Church.


It was both enlightening and entertaining, filled with such faithful rock stars as Tony Dungy, Jim Brown, Warrick Dunn, Charlie Strong, Ben Watson and of course, Mo, among others!

Sage interviewed Ben who was oh-so wise and funny on all matters of his heart. Incidentally, Ben has written an insightful and must-read book called Under Our Skin talking about the state of racial relations in our country focusing in on one question, can it get better?

Ben said that in this day and age we just aren’t having conversations with people that aren’t like us which is a part of the problem. Culture and exposure to people of different races is also a part of the problem.

Here is a snippet of Ben talking about having “the talk” with his own children. A point not lost on me, and probably most white people, who do not really know what “the talk” is and have not had to have with it their own kids.

Both Sage and Ben noted that when they talk to their children about events like Ferguson or the death of Freddie Grey they try to present the facts without any reaction so as not to pass along any bias. They want to teach their children to know how to process this information and not react which, I can only imagine, is very tricky.

It was incredibly powerful to hear all these testimonies for me because frankly, I’ve not had to deal with it. It is so true about what we are or aren’t exposed to.

Aside from the eye-opening conversations, one of my favorite parts of the night was to here the one and only JB, preach. He is so profound and has such a way about him.


Here are some other photos from the night:


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