Elana Taylor, Eleven Female Athletes Make Impressive List!

I really love a good list. I’m sorry that I missed this one when it was first published. But I’m elated that I found it after all.

Originally published in February to commemorate black history month, this article highlights eighteen influential black athletes in the history of the US Olympics.

I happened upon it when G3’s own, Elana Taylor, tweeted about it saying she was honored to be on the list. So well-deserved! You would never know that the current world-champion bobsledder just keeps raking in the accolades because she remains humble (and hungry).


A brilliant role model for us all. Thank you, Elana!

Another reason why I have fallen in love with this list? Twelve women are on it! Twelve out of eighteen. It’s like a battle cry for all the world to hear, the time has finally come.

Women are  staking their claim in the world of sports and rightfully so. Each and every one of them are well-deserving and offer their sport (and fans) so, so much.

As we celebrate women’s history in the month of March, let’s give a shout out to these gifted and courageous talents from past (like Flo-Jo) to present (like Simone Manuel).

You must check out this awesome article here.

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