My New Cherry Blossom Tree

I was ecstatic to see that one of the trees in my new backyard was a cherry blossom.  Then with the warmer temperatures, this beauty started blooming early (in February!) around the same time I got to kayak seven times.

(Seven times. Yes, I was counting- not real sure why- other than I’m madly in love with this sport and of course, the obvious, who kayaks in February in the mid-Atlantic?)

But Mother Nature had not forgotten the season and tapped into her old agenda. So here comes that silly nor’easter storm which was a whole lot of wind and a wee bit of snow.  Here’s how my beautiful tree was looking out in that cold:


This picture, taken on my iPhone, is completely zoomed in. You see those brown crumply leaves? They were former blooms that were magically multiplying from the sun’s kiss and readying for it’s annual beauty pageant … and then boom, cold snap.

Buh-bye spectacular cherry blossom blooms, hello cold.

This cycle got me to thinking: sometimes we feel we are ready to bloom yet nothing is happening. Then our minds get antsy and start to churn:

Why is nothing happening?

Doubt may begin to seep in. Fear takes hold. Before you know it, we’ve talked ourselves into feeling like those brown crumply blooms. We are ready to crumble, it’s winter after all.

This is where our faith comes in. We have to halt the madness and take over. No mind games! We are not being tested. We are being called on to grow. We need to nourish those seeds of faith and dig deep into our devotion and just remember.

Remember: We are children of God. We are strength and love and we are backed by the Greatest of all time.

Remember: God’s timing is always perfect. His vision for us and version of us is a bajillion times better than we could ever possibly dream. We will bloom in our due season.

The above photos are of that same tree I took today. Those brown crumply blooms are falling away and new growth is coming in. Spring is definitely in the air and greens and flowers are popping up all over the place.

What an agenda that is, right?  Life is just glorious.

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