On Meekness . . .

“Blessed are the meek, because they will inherit the earth.”

What does this verse from Matthew 5:5 mean to you?

I love this verse because it reminds me that being meek is a never-ending practice. And a worthwhile one. I don’t know how or when the word “meek” got a bad name, but it has. Does the Bible tell us it is a virtue?

Indeed. Miriam Webster defines it as: having or showing a quiet and gentle nature : not wanting to fight or argue with other people.

So when a friend talks out of turn, you are able to let it go. When a family member goes too far, you don’t take the bait.

When forgiving doesn’t come easy and they haven’t even asked for it, you call on God to make room in your heart. You seek to forgive anyway.

You refrain from revenge or going on the defense. You need no vindication. Validation. You stay calm. Centered in your trust and patient in what is right and good. Your walk with God is rooted in your strong faith.

What do the meek inherit? Peace. Ease. Love.

Meekness is not a flaw, it is a gift.


FCA Victory Dinner 2017 





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