Setback, Setup?

There’s disappointment, ” I wish we could have gone to see that show, next time maybe” and then there’s disappointment: “I wish I could have another chance at that project.”

Failing never feels good. Especially when you feel like you were born to do said project!

Yesterday I was stewing in some work woes and I saw a genius Facebook meme that said:

F.A.I.L- first attempt in learning. 

It was an instant pick me up.

But like most instant pick-me-ups it only lasted for, well, an instant. Since then, I have been going through my daily routines. I’ve added extra prayer time and meditation in. I’ve read my Bible.

But it’s like there is an old sour grape clinging to me. And I can’t get rid of the taste.

What’s a girl to do?

Choose between A) Setback or B) Setup.

But you have to choose.

I choose Setup.

To me that means that I have to actively choose! With my every breath and every thought I will move forward with intent and purpose.

Sometimes it helps me to start out with the things I will not do: like stew. When those nasty thoughts begin to percolate I will control them.

When my thoughts want to simmer on the tape that says man, you really screwed up. I will not listen. Instead I will remind myself that I did my best. I have learned a lot. I’ve made tremendous strides.

When my emotions want to take me down the path of torture I will release that energy by doing something positive and constructive like working on my next assignment.

I will call out the thoughts and emotions that want me to stay stewing and just say no.

God is working on my behalf and calling me to live and learn. One foot in front of the other.

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