Dear Mom:


One of my very favorite photos of my Mother and Father, John and Kay forever.

I chuckle to myself when I catch a glimpse of you in my mind, like sledding in Cherry Creek. I see you vividly, all bundled up with your blue hat on. Remember the time that you all wiped out and you twisted your ankle?

Or swimming in the pool with you on lazy summer afternoons. Well, lazy for me because I was just a kid, but you had to work at 3:30 so you’d have to be out no later than 2:15. Nothing lazy about that.

Or when we’d go out on the boat with just us,  or sometimes your friends, like Mrs. Q. You’d do it all by yourself! You couldn’t drive to the airport without getting lost but you sure captained the boat alright.

I can feel you in all the little things like your watergate salad or coleslaw. And I’m really sorry, I know fudge and caramel corn were also your thing, but I don’t even attempt making them anymore. That’s a whole other level.

I snicker when I recall the way you and Dad used to be. Not always great, certainly not perfect, but you both had a way with each other that was real and balancing. Where Dad was harsh, you were soft. Where you were creative, he was analytical. You were quiet and he never stopped…talking. Now I see what it takes for a marriage to work.

I can hear your laugh echo in my mind and it makes me smile.

I remember you always being so proud of what we did and worried when we may have gone off course, which- let’s face it, always happened with six kids.

I’m so happy when I see you in my dreams. I want to hug and kiss you and ask you so many questions.

I want to share everything that has been happening. I want to watch a movie and laugh with you about old times. I want to talk about God and love and what to make for dinner. I want to show you my work and see your face light up.

Oh, how I miss you!

Happy Mothers Day

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