The Rejection Game

Rejection is a part of this gig. I get it.

But I don’t have to like it. I’d venture to guess that my work has been rejected more than it’s been accepted.

Here are some ways that help me get through the mire:

So I thought I was perfect for the job, but obviously they didn’t…

My skills matched up. Passion for me is never a problem, either. When I get my hands on something, I love to run with it. I give it my all, that’s just who I am. What I won’t do though, is be defeated. So they didn’t like my resume, my pitch or whatever. On to the next project.

Keep it in perspective…

Is this something I spent a lot of time on? Not really. I crafted my idea to their publication- what I thought they’d want, attached my resume and sent it in with the best of intention. Honestly, it was an easy pitch. Keeping it in perspective, I did not spend too much time on it, and did the best I could. Actually, it was fun just getting there.

Take a breathe…

So this project was a winner, and I put my heart and soul into it! But I didn’t get it. For big ones, I let myself have some time. I step away from the computer. I go for a walk or a bike ride. I can’t deny that I didn’t want the job so I just let it all sink in. And then, after some time has passed, I go back to it. What did I learn? What can I takeaway? It’s that simple and also that tricky. But every closed door has led me to a new place and I can’t forget that.

Moving on..

Is there an idea within the idea? I remind myself, if a story (or article) needs to be told, it will be. I don’t give up on it, I look for other outlets who may be interested. Or I let the idea gestate. Either way, I’m moving forward. I am also working on another lead or a different idea. That won’t ever change.

Keep the faith…

One thing is certain, I know that God has my back. Always. And He is lining things up for me at every turn. I am grateful for the work He has given me, the voice He helps me hone and the skills He has nurtured in me. I trust my instincts and know that I can’t stop trying. I won’t. He’s created me to be that way.

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