Love The Shack

Today I finally got to catch the flick, The Shack. I was not disappointed. Having read the book a long while ago, I was excited to see which I liked better.

As usual, I choose the book. However, the movie did a good job with casting and repping the book well. I’m writing this post today with the film fresh on my mind.

While certain aspects of the movie were tough to watch (I won’t spoil it for you), I loved how they were able to portray some fundamental and powerful points of Christianity.

I was so curious to see how this movie was going to play on-screen. I mean, really, how does one even begin to show the truly terrific trifecta that is the Holy Trinity?

They appeared as regular people, that’s how! This makes them all the more accessible. Right on.

God, Holy Spirit and Jesus are basically at our beck and call wanting us to have a relationship with them. It doesn’t matter what we believe or do, they will meet us where we are at. Wherever we are at!

Another point that I loved was about judging people. We have a built-in judge in our mind and we have to actively shut that down.

We are all God’s children. We are all loved unconditionally and we are all forgiven. Period.

Our job is to love one another. In one scene, the main character actually says something to God like you love me knowing all the pain I’ve harbored and the things I have done (totally paraphrasing here) and God responds: that’s what love does!

That is what love does. Let that sink in a moment.

Yea, that is what love does.


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