Gratitude For Life

I sit on my deck right now overlooking the water. The breeze is strong and my wind chimes are having a party.

The currents of life have my heart feeling so full!

I say this not to brag but to share one of the ways in which I feel God’s presence. It is in these moments of pure gratitude. So at a time like this, I enjoy raging on about all that I am grateful for.

If you’ve never tried it, you don’t know what you are missing. You must! Don’t want to write it out? No problem. Speak it.

But whatever you do, please join me with your very own custom gratitude list. Here is mine:

  • I went in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay two separate times this past holiday weekend. This is huge for me- HUGE!

I don’t do that. I am a perennial pool girl. But with our new home, we ditched the pool for a boat. So you see, for far too long, I have really only swam in water that is crystal clear, which is limiting. Extremely limiting (but also awesome… I’m thinking of you Cancun, Jamaica, Hawaii and the Bahamas.) It’s a phobia I have had since I was 15.

But I’ve made up my mind, time to let go of that phobia- which is really just a stronger word for fear. I have to face this because I want to spend time with Ellie in the water.

  • So I did! First time in took some getting used to and a few licks of an adult beverage to relax me somewhat. But armed with my swim shoes and a sandy bottom, I did just fine. Second time in I was so happy to be with my big and little nugget. So happy!

Nans, Pop-pop and Ellie at Maxwell Point July 3, 2017.

  • Last year at this time, I had no idea what was in store for us. God put so many dreams in our hearts and has fulfilled them all. Reflecting on this is just wonderful.
  • Our family and friends, I have never felt more connected to each and every one of them. We are very lucky indeed!
  • Kayaking- what a way to start the day. Or end it. Or have it in the middle. I love that I have access to this activity all the time. I’m so grateful to be using them so much.
  • July 6 marks twenty one years of marriage for me and my beau. TWENTY-ONE and still going strong. God has blessed us with each other.
  • Working from home- score.
  • Upcoming trip to Detroit- G3 is coming along great. I am so excited for this baby to start meeting the world.
  • Mai Kai! Our newest family member is causing mayhem, but man-o-man, we are in heaven with this little rascal. It has been a long while since we have had a puppy.
  • Also, I’m tickled to death by our resident birds, ducks and squirrels who provide me with endless entertainment.

Rage on, please.

Conjure up all the glorious things that God has customized for your list? Whether it be twenty things or two hundred and twenty things, once you feel the the waves of gratitude in motion, it’s hard not to feel uplifted. After all, that is what God wants for each one of us.


Nans and Ellie on the kayak for the first time together. Photo from Cal!

This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! (A song that has lived in my heart and head since my days at St. Teresa’s)

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