Hello Carley!

Introducing Carley Cottingham.


I am so proud and honored that this charismatic young lady will be a part of G3. Her spirit and attitude will definitely uplift!

Today, this 25-year old was working the Spring Arbor University basketball day camp. She wore many hats: coach, cheerleader, referee, concession helper. You name it, she was on it. With over 200 kids participating, she was in her glory.

That’s because her passion for the game started around the ripe age of six. Her competitive nature thrived on the court. Hoops was her world and her goal was to get a D1 scholarship.

Then during her junior year, she began experiencing pain in her right hand. Fast forward through numerous surgeries later (amidst unspeakable pain) and her hand had to be amputated. Her dominant hand.

After meeting with a psychologist and knowing her family was worried about how she’d handle the transition of not being able to play basketball ever again, she told her father immediately: I’m going to play!

It was not even a question. She was on a mission alright and nothing was going to stop her.

Fourth game into her senior campaign, she was back on the court. It was a lot of hard work and a moment she said she won’t ever forget.

Carley’s fierce faith and determination are so inspiring, plus she is funny! I am super stoked to be sharing her incredible story in G3.

To see Carley tell her story, go here. Also, you can follow her on Twitter here and Facebook here.


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