G3 Inquiry

I recently got into an email discussion with a sweet reader from New York named Kirsten. With her permission, I am using her name and questions as a part of this blog post.

Kirsten loves reading and writing and is just starting high school. Her goal is to one day be a dancer, but she loves all sports, in particular, basketball.

Her first question: Am I featuring any dancers in the first edition of G3? Kirsten, I don’t have any signed on yet. (But if you know of any Christian dancers, let me know and I will see what I can do about that!)


Kirsten was curious about my work and had some other follow up questions:

Is it hard for you to get athletes to sign on for the book. Like, do you have to deal with agents? Or no? And how do you find them? 

These are such a great questions and totally relevant to where I am at with G3 now.

So let’s start with the easiest part: How do I find the athletes? By doing a ton of research and also talking to athletes. Hello social media!

Is it hard for me to get the athletes I need for the book? Well, Kirsten it’s kind of  complicated. The short answer has been no. But— there is always a but, isn’t there?— the longer version is yes.

Keep in mind, G3 will highlight twelve different women in various sports. Twelve!

At this point I have six athletes that are committed and they have come to me relatively easily. Each of them is so inspiring and empowering with their messages and is driven by their calling. They love what G3 stands for and want to share their stories!

So on that note, I feel completely blessed and grateful. Grateful to all of them for participating and grateful to God for putting this idea in my heart, for sure.

Now this is where it gets a bit complicated. Yes, I have had to deal with agents. I have also dealt with personal assistants, publicists, family, you name it. Most of the athletes I am trying to get with now are higher-profile and their number one job: training. So that’s why I deal with “their people.”

I have been ignored completely and rejected a lot. Sometimes it’s timing. Sometimes it’s about money. Sometimes there is no interest. And that is all okay! I’m keeping the faith.

You see part of the process of writing the book is getting one-on-one interviews with each athlete and trying to keep costs down by getting my own photos.

So I try to make it is easy as possible on each athlete. I go to them when it’s convenient and work around their schedules. They are all very busy, so it can really be a challenge. Some are training for the Olympics! But it’s a challenge I gladly accept.

I pray constantly about all of this. Naturally, I wanted this book to be done ASAP. Like, lickety-split! But God’s timing is always better than our own. So I hold onto my faith knowing that God is lining up all the right people for G3. I want this book to ignite girls love of God while keeping them inspired. And playing!

So, thank you, Kirsten from New York for the great questions and allowing me to share this. I appreciate you taking the time to write and read my work.

-xo Molly

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